About Us

Who We Are

Social Enterprise Manitoba is an initiative of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network — Manitoba (CCEDNet – Manitoba). It is the hub for social enterprise activity in Manitoba, providing resources, workshop information, news, and other events or opportunities to support social enterprise practitioners, developers and stakeholders. Social enterprises make sizeable contributions to the Manitoba economy and our communities, and Social Enterprise Manitoba exists to ensure these organizations have the supports they need to flourish.

What is Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are non-profit organizations that use revenue generation to realize social, cultural and environmental outcomes, such as fostering a more sustainable environment, providing important community services like child care, generating revenue for non-profits or creating job and training opportunities for people facing barriers to employment. The purpose of social enterprise is to create positive impact in our communities.

Development Services

Social Enterprise Manitoba offers development services for organizations exploring, developing, or currently operating enterprises and revenue-generating activities. Our services include needs assessment, support for early stage planning, our introductory workshop “Build & Grow Your Social Enterprise,” connections to business coaching supports, and a small grant for business development. Contact Frank Atnikov for more information on how we can support your social enterprise.

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Social Enterprise Manitoba is the home of the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy (MSES), a community-led initiative co-created by the CCEDNet – Manitoba and the Government of Manitoba. The MSES is a comprehensive collection of policy and program recommendations to support employment-focused social enterprises: non-profits creating job and training opportunities for people facing barriers to employment. The MSES operates within the development framework created by the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, the Six Pillars of Development:

  1. Enhance Enterprise Skills
  2. Ensure Access to Capital & Investment
  3. Expand Market Opportunities
  4. Promote & Demonstrate the Value of Social Enterprise
  5. Regulatory Framework
  6. Networks & Community Engagement

For more information on Social Enterprise Manitoba’s policy work, see the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy or contact Darcy Penner.

CCEDNet – Manitoba

The Canadian CED Network – Manitoba promotes community economic development (CED) as a comprehensive and integrated approach to improving economic, social and environmental conditions in communities. This approach understands that solutions to complex community challenges will be most successful and sustainable when they are community-led. Our membership consists of non-profits, cooperatives, social enterprises, for-profits and individuals. CCEDNet – Manitoba has been supporting Manitoba social enterprises since 2003.