Buy Social Canada Digital Symposium 2020

April 22, 2020

Hosted from , BC

Buy Social Canada

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Join Buy Social Canada for a special dialogue on Social Procurement – a fundamental value for our future economies.

From Buy Social Canada:

We’re learning a lot of lessons from the current global virus attack, and one issue clearly arising is the importance of community. What will a value based economy look like? Can our markets support social enterprises and local businesses? What elements are necessary to create more resilient local economies?

“Creating thriving local economies should be the utmost priority for small businesses and local governments. Even when things begin to settle down, we will find ourselves in a new world.” (Robazzo)

For certain the future will be different, and Buy Social Canada wants to engage you in the discussion on community values and social procurement.

We’re pleased to shift our planned regional in-person Buy Social Canada Symposium to an online virtual dialogue on social procurement and the future; the Buy Social Canada Digital Symposium!

We will have all of our recently announced Social Procurement Award winners as our key online panelists but being online we will also be able to open the participation to a Pan-Canadian conversation and potentially international guests.

The key topics will be about the opportunities for community value to be created by:

  • Government Purchasing, a story from Mayor Lisa Helps and Mayor Josie Osborne
  • Social Value Supply Chain, led by technology leader and partner SAP
  • Community Benefit Agreements, a community led policy model from the City of Vancouver
  • Construction Projects, with the experience of Chandos construction and EMBERS social enterprise

We’re inviting you to join the conversation on shaping a social value marketplace, April 22, 2020, 9am to 1pm PT and noon to 4pm ET.

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