How We Can Help


The solutions that SEM offers are designed to meet you where you are on your social enterprise journey.

You may just be curious about what social enterprise is all about and if it’s right for you. Or possibly, you are currently operating a social enterprise and want some help stabilizing or growing it. Or maybe there are some roadblocks or other challenges that you could use some support in overcoming. Wherever you are we can help or refer you to relevant supports.

Exploration – Implementation & Launch – Stabilization and Growth – Ongoing Aftercare – Evaluation & Demonstrating Impact

Here are some of the solutions that we can offer based on the stage of the journey you’re at:

Direct Social Enterprise Manitoba Support

This includes consultation with our staff team, assessment of your project, and work towards greater organizational readiness, including facilitation of the Success Equation development tool.


We offer the Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise workshop at least twice a year, in addition to being able to tailor presentations to your needs. Our parent organization CCEDNet also hosts workshops on key areas of non-profit management and community development.

Social Enterprise Manitoba Development Grant

These small, matching grants are offered to groups who want to access professional support for business planning or development services. Access up to $10,000 that enables your organization to undertake feasibility studies, business planning processes, marketing plans, evaluation work, and occasionally other requests.

You must be referred to this support by our staff team. It is not for staff time, typical operational activities, or implementation. It must be fully matched through cash or in-kind resources. Talk to us to find out more.

Spark Service

CCEDNet’s Spark Service offers pro-bono matches between community organizations and professionals who want to volunteer their skills in time-limited, focused projects. We can work with you to access Spark support. Find out more about them here.

SEED Winnipeg referrals

Our partner SEED Winnipeg has a team of business consultants experienced in working with social enterprises, cooperatives, and social purpose businesses. Through our partnership with them, we can offer business consulting support to groups needing assessment, planning, or problem-solving assistance.

Social Enterprise Institute

We partner with this online learning platform to create virtual learning modules. The Explore section is free and open to anyone, and has in-depth information on the early stage business planning process. The Build and Thrive sections offer more advance training, for a fee. Talk to us about accessing this and making the most of the tools.

Other Services
  • Do you need help with evaluation, marketing, industry expertise, information services, or research. Ask us about your needs and we can refer you to what you’re looking for!
  • Do you know about the Social Purchasing Portal? Become a supplier with them to increase your marketing reach.
  • We believe peer support and mentorship is crucial. Let us help you connect with a mentor who is a leader in social enterprise, in your industry, or is one of your peers.
  • Get more involved in our network to get connected, find new marketing opportunities, get support with accessing public procurement, do social enterprise to social enterprise marketing, and watch for pop-up market opportunities.