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Feature Social Enterprise – Manitoba Green Retrofit

Manitoba Green Retrofit is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is poverty reduction through employment; they exist to create jobs for people who have a tough time in the formal labour market. Through their different divisions — residential repair and renovations, property management, a service for vulnerable persons who cannot prepare their home for bed bug treatment called Bug’N’Scrub, and a temporary labour pool — they are able to offer stable employment for people to take root and grow into their full potential.

Their team consists of a wide variety of folks — new Canadians, people who have been involved in the justice system, women (chronically underrepresented in the trades), and First Nations/ Aboriginal/ Metis people. These people want to work, but because of various reasons — language barriers, involvement in the justice system, addictions issues, growing up in systemic poverty — they have a hard time finding and keeping a job in the formal labour market.

By creating low barriered and straightforward job opportunities, MGR is breaking the cycle of poverty that is often multi-generational. In addition to hard skills, MGR also provides access to a comprehensive and integrated set of supports and resources within our positive, patient and supportive work environment.

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